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Our beer brewing classes are used by hundreds of people each month - join the community and learn from our online multimedia beer brewing classes!

Online Brewing Courses

We've developed a comprehensive set of online brewing courses to teach beginner to advanced homebrewing methods. Here is an example video from our recently updated all star online brewing course:

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Beer Brewing Classes Online

Learn from our beer brewing classes online. 3 different levels: Rookie, Veteran and All Star. Easy to follow.

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How to Make Beer at Home

Watch our home brewing classroom video tour where we teach people like you how to make beer at home using the techniques passed down to us from brewers with over 30 years of experience.

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How To Get Started With Homebrewing Beer, Again

Life is unpredictable. Things happen, get in the way, and life’s grind can prevent you from doing what you love. I haven’t brewed in a year.  Buying a new house and raising 2 children makes it challenging to find time. I know, it sounds like a bunch of excuses.  I see people posting pictures of […]

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Whole Leaf Hops or Hop Pellets for Homebrewing

I recently brewed a pale ale with hops that I grew in my backyard, and never cared to use whole leaf hops. I’ve always used hop pellets for its ease, compactness, and merely out of routine. Pellets usually have better utilization, because of the compression of whole leaf hops into pellets tends to hold more […]

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How Do I Know My Beer is Fermenting?

The best way to know that your beer is fermenting is to, first, be sure to take an Original Gravity reading with your hydrometer – this sets your baseline for future gravity readings. Then, you can watch the airlock for bubbles and, then, the cessation of bubbles. Generally, as your beer ferments, you will see […]

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Homebrewing Lager or Ale

What’s your Fancy? Ale or Lager. Do you like it on top or bottom? People, people, wait a sec, we’re talking yeast. Ales and lagers have distinct flavors and yeast profiles that make the two styles unique. All around the world you’ll find amazing ales and lagers, and you probably want to emulate the taste […]

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