Learn How To Brew Great Beer at Home

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Has homebrewing been on your mind, too, yearning to make and drink delicious beer that you made yourself!

I know the feeling. I’ve been anxiously awaiting for my next homebrewed beer to finish fermenting so I can toss it in my kegerator and savor another absolutely delicious homebrewed beer.

The Incredible Art and Science of Brewing Your Own Beer is Now on Tap

Just as amazing as the beer itself is the process of making it. Part-Art, Part-Science, brewing beer is a popular and growing hobby, enjoyed by many – including the people who get to share your homebrewed beer.

The Homebrew School Learning Experience

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Your trainer/teacher, “Anbrew”, had been brewing beer for over 10 years, trained by expert brewers with over 5 decades of experience between them. After hundreds of brewing sessions, Anbrew and I have assembled a fool-proof home brewing multimedia training program – all online!

Offering 3 different ways to brew beer, be certain you are in amazing hands when it comes to homebrewing training. Not to mention Anbrew is also a certified teacher with a Master’s degree – skilled in summarizing complex topics into understandable lessons…not too mention how to discipline, too, if one of you gets out of hand! (i.e. too many homebrews)

All-in-One Beginner to Advanced Homebrewing Classes Online

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In “Homebrew School Mastery”, we make it easy for you to learn 3 different ways to brew beer, organized in easy to use step-by-step site, you’ll get:

  • Instant Access to Our Rookie (Extract), Veteran (Partial Extract) and All Star (All Grain) Classes
  • Over 30 Instructional Videos
  • Downloadable Brew Day Cheatsheets and Checklists


#1: All Homebrew School customers will get our upcoming “Hall of Fame” class as part of their purchase. (A $97 Value)

#2: You will also get our 600 page recipe book to help you figure out exactly what to brew. (A $27 Value)

Get All 3 Levels for a One-Time Payment of Just $47.

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A steal, I know.
Homebrew shops charge you, for one educational session, TWICE what it costs for LIFETIME access to Homebrew School.
Instead of the one-time lesson, you can have LIFETIME ACCESS to our step-by-step library of multimedia courses for only $47!

Our No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

satisfaction guaranteed Learn How To Brew Great Beer at Home
And we trust our classes enough to say this confidently…you get a 30-day money back guarantee – enough time to review the courses and get your first batch into a fermentation vessel.
We’re confident you’ll stick around though. Why?

  1. We know home brewing beer.
  2. We know online education.
  3. We’ve worked hard to bring you easy to use tools and instructions.

You want to know about homebrewing beer.

Like I said, Anbrew has been brewing for over 8 years, brewing hundreds of batches and training with masters of the craft. He’s also taught many people in person and through the website, already. You’ll be a new “friend in brewing” that we’d happily have as part of this exclusive school.

You want online education.

“Michale”, web developer for Homebrew School, spent 3 years as an analyst for an onilne university, earned has Master’s through online courses and has spent the past 10 years working for web-based businesses.
He gets it and built it for you.

You can have our easy to use tools and instructions.

Step by step, we’ll guide you through the homebrewing process. We’ve hired videographers and photographers to best capture the homebrewing process. We’ve spent hundreds of hours developing this site to help you learn how to brew beer.
Take a shot at homebrewing and learn with us for only $47! No risk, only the reward of tasting your own homebrewed beer.

“Brew”thers, Michale and Anbrew Shearer
Founders, Homebrew School, LLC
We are most confident, though, that you will learn best from our online classroom, so click the “Get Instant Access” button and you can register now for only $47.
Click the button below to get immediate access to our online classes!

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